Privacy Information

Privacy on the Website.

Privacy refers to information we obtain about you and the use we make of it in the course of our business. We also have a Security Statement that describes how sensitive information is kept safe and secure.

If you don’t find your concern addressed here, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone (1-800-654-8337).

Privacy Statement Contents:

  1. What Information do you gather about me?
  2. About Personal Shopping Accounts?
  3. How does keep track of me in their Web site?
  4. Does use cookies?

“When I visit your Web site, what information do you gather about me?”
One of the basic principles we’ve followed in designing this Web site is that we ask for only the information we need to provide the service you’ve requested. As a result, the answer to this question depends almost entirely on how you choose to make use of our Web site and our growing list of Web site services. Currently, Web site customers provide information in order to take advantage of the following service:

  • Purchases. For your convenience, we ask you to setup your own personal account profile that allows us to ship your orders and contact you should there be questions. Your name, address, phone and e-mail are necessary for purchase and delivery. Your credit card information will be asked for only when you are ready to purchase your items in the shopping basket. We do not store your credit card numbers anywhere on our computers.

Personal Shopping Accounts
Many Web site customers have requested a more convenient way to place orders. In particular, they’ve asked us to find a way to “remember” the address and contact information they provided with a previous order.

In response to these requests, we’ve added Personal Shopping Accounts to our list of Web site services. A personal shopping account allows you to store information with us. The information is stored on a secure database on our premises and is seen by no one but you.

Once you’ve set up an account, you can identify yourself at any time with your email address and password. Then you have one-click access to all your addresses and your billing information.

“How do you keep track of me as I move through the Web site?”
In the original design for the Web, there was no way for a Web site to know whether one page request was connected to another. For most sites, this is fine. In a news site, for example, each article is independent of the others. Visitors see what they want, then leave.

But for those of us selling on the Internet, this is a real problem. We want people to be able to select several products before purchasing them. We want the selection process and the checkout process to span more than one page. In other words, we need a way of keeping track of Web site sessions rather than merely page requests.

If you have a personal shopping account, the session ID allows us to remember who you are once you have identified yourself. In other words, the act of logging in is the act of associating the random session ID with the person for whom we’re keeping certain pieces of information.

“Does use cookies?”
Yes, for purely technical reasons, the web site will make use of session cookies. Specifically, our site uses session cookies when you place items in your shopping cart and when you log in with your account. This allows us to keep track of the items in your shopping cart until you check-out.

Also, a cookie will be used to store your e-mail address so that when you need to log in to your account, your e-mail address will be remembered with each visit.